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Stay Blessed.


Alter Ego is a gift from us to you. The high quality seams and threads elevate and embodies everything we strive for—the individual. Eliciting the inner confidence of the individual to bring out their best qualities is what we aim to accomplish and by doing so, we hope to bring forth positivity and, by God’s grace, blessings. Alter Ego is perfection personified, it is instant personality.

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“Stay Blessed”​

Is a phrase we want our customers to live by, it is carefully implemented in all of our tags that goes into our garments, simply reminding our customers and everyone who comes into contact with this brand that they are blessed forever.​

From the ​Creators

“Creating smiles and touching peoples hearts”, that’s what we’ve been doing since our start in March 2012. The love we have for our customers is one of a kind and our daily goal is to be the reason  you smile. Once you buy an item from us, you are forever apart of the Alter Ego family which is growing every day from various celebs who wear it to the special individuals who help this brand grow. Thank you and we love you!​


—From Alter Ego
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